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Well, adulting can be tough and achieving work-life balance can be a real challenge – Trust us when we say we feel you. On one hand, we aspire to be responsible and great planners of our finances for the future. But on the other, we are itching to travel the world to experience exotic destinations and immerse in their cultures.

If that is you, here’s a flexible scheme that will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds! Find out more on how you can receive yearly pay-outs to finance your travel plans (or other dreams), yet receive a guaranteed lump-sum payment for retirement.

Key Features

Flexible Yearly Pay-out

Decide if you wish to withdraw up to your maximum pay-out for the year or keep it to accumulate better returns.

Ideal for Young Professionals​

Start saving early and allow yourself to enjoy while taking good care of your finances.

Guaranteed Savings for The Future

Receive a lump sum pay-out in your 50s for your personal spending, be it your children’s education, your retirement plans or caring for your
loved ones.​

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Financial Planning Is A Necessity, It Doesn’t Have To Be Boring And
Tedious. Starting Early Allows You To Have The Best Of Both Worlds!

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